Here we grow again…

Exciting news!  Several months ago Sandy and I invited Brandy Maslowski of Quilter On Fire to join us as an organizer of QuiltTalk. She is such an outgoing dynamic person, brimming with enthusiasm for all things quilty, and is a perfect fit with us. Find out more about Brandy here. We are thrilled that Brandy will be taking the lead from now on, and Sandy and I will be stepping back. We will still be there, in the background helping out when needed- w are all brimming with exciting ideas to share with you moving forward!

Never fear, quiltTalk will continue to bring leaders in the quilting industry via ZOOM. We will be sending the link to the new website soon, but for now you can still register for upcoming talks through http://www.quiltTalk.ca. The link for Kimberly is available now, and Jean Impey’s talk will be available soon. We’ll let you know when you can register for her talk as soon as it is available, and give you a sneak peek into who is coming in early 2022.

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To stay in touch with Sandy and Valerie and see what else we are up to, you can check out our personal blogs: Sandy’s is ScrappyGalQuiltCo.com, and Valerie’s is CozyFunkyCool.com. Have a happy, safe holiday season!

QuiltTalk will continue to bring you a diverse selection of leaders and innovators in the quilting community. We’ll cover every topic imaginable, as long as it is quilt related. Working with scraps, fabric design, special techniques….. you name it, we will host it.

Booking is easy! Check out our schedule here and click on the links. And don’t forget: if there is someone you would like to hear from, let us know and we will see if we can arrange it!


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